Champs Sports and Nike Enlist Draymond Green to Teach Game 101 Lessons [Vidoes]

The purpose of commercials is to advertise and build interest in a product, enough to hopefully get its viewers to make a purchase. Sometimes these ad spots are basic, other times they’re comical, artistic, and even inspirational.

Champs Sports’ “Game 101” ad campaign starring Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green are humorous, inspiring, and timely pieces of pop culture art.

In them the Saginaw, MI native and graduate of Michigan State University shares touching, encouraging words, advice, and funny anecdotes with a class of impressable high school students. Green and Champs want them to “Defeat Doubt” while also dressing like winners. Decked in Nike gear, the 2-time NBA Champion, All-star, and Defensive Player of the Year sells his young listeners more than just his wears. |

“How to Defeat Doubt”


“Trash Talk”



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