The B.o.B Interview

The Liquidation Committee is committed to presenting engaging conversations with top artists. Welcome to this Liquid Arts & Entertainment interview with B.o.B.

The multi-platinum-selling southern gentleman born Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. took both hip-hop and pop culture by storm. With a knack for defying the
stereotypes of genre, he effectively scattered his artistic expressions across the music industry and its many charts like branches of lightning. With vivid bursts of greatness, B.o.B’s impacted lives all across globe. He’s especially touched aspiring artists of the future.

Liquid A & E: How does it feel knowing there’s a new generation of youth, the future of artistry growing up on your music?

B.o.B: That was always the goal. It was always the intention to have fans grow with me through the duration of my career.

Liquid A & E: It’s interesting you set that as your goal. When did you recognize you were actually achieving it?

B.o.B: It really dawned on me when I was performing on “The Home & Home Tour” with Eminem and Jay-Z. I looked in the crowd and noticed people singing the songs who were like 10 years old! They’ve been listening since they were kids. Now they’re here. That s–t made me think about it with a new perspective.

Liquid A & E: Tell us something about yourself that you do and don’t want to impress on those fans.

B.o.B: I just want people to be themselves. Tupac had this saying. He said “I don’t want to be a role model, I want to be a real model”. It’s like, you can’t hold nobody to unreal expectations. People look at you like you’re not supposed to be human. Like you’re not supposed to make mistakes. You’re not supposed to feel the things that a regular human feels. I don’t think anybody should live up to the expectation of being some type of robot of somebody’s that’s perfect, because ain’t nobody perfect.

Liquid A & E: With the goal you’ve set, the success you’ve experienced, and the impact you’ve made, overall what’s it all about for you?

B.o.B: It’s all about inspiring people to be themselves, who they naturally are. You were who you were when you came out the womb. Then society puts all these layers on you, telling you that you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that.

Liquid A & E: Your fans are telling one another, and everyone else, you’re an icon. To them you’re already a legend. Do you feel like you’re too young for those considerations?

B.o.B: I don’t really think too much about it. I don’t think too much about how I’m being perceived. What I think the most about is if my point is getting across. Who I am talking to? Who’s listening? Who is getting the message? That’s what I’m focusing on. |

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